Jonathan Allen

Jonathan Allen

Extraordinary Terrestrial.

President of Longneck & Thunderfoot, LLC. Former director of Gold AZBEE award winning, former Co-founder of Webby, MEGAS, RTS award winning & BAFTA nominee

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Search Engine Watch

7 Timeless Reasons Why & How Content Goes Viral | Search ...

There are a few common elements to content that goes viral.

Open uri20140304 32297 wb9fvx article
Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Watch Redesign Breaks Records

The ultimate aim of the project was to create a more attractive and engaging website that showed off all the great content we have and make it easier to find.

Open uri20140226 12817 7lfs9q article
Search Engine Watch

On Magic & SEO: Open Letter to Forbes, Bill Barol

SEW's reply to a blog post on entitled, "Sex, Free iPad, Naked Pictures of Cat Deeley, 8 Ways to Get Rich Right This Second and Lose Weight While You Sleep" which urged demystification in SEO but instead reproduced endemic superstitions....

Open uri20140514 17443 pjinqq article
Search Engine Watch

SEO, Why You Are Doing it Wrong

Spam Forensics

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Search Engine Watch

Funny Flirting with Siri; The Apple of My iPhone

This week, SEW has mostly been playing with Siri. So much so we tried to 'score a date' with the robotic personal assistant and made into a comic. Here are all the easter eggs SEW found simply by asking Siri weird questions....

Open uri20140304 9981 611o9k article
Search Engine Watch

How Search Engine Watch Grew Google News Traffic by 300 ...

One of our stated goals in the Search Engine Watch redesign was to increase traffic from Google News in order to establish ourselves as an authoritative publication on the search marketing industry.

Open uri20140304 24189 10urp07 article
Search Engine Watch

No TV? Emergency Search When Google Is Not Fast Enough

As the London Riots unfolded, speaking as a "search expert", I found following a mixture of users and media types on Twitter on a small selection of keywords was more effective than a crawler-based search engine. What I also learned from the experience was that, despite occasionally misleading content, there were enough collaborator voices within the stream who were requesting fact checks and improvising stories in real time - that the potential for better information existed more-so than the potential for misuse.

Open uri20140515 28923 1dm1r6y article
Search Engine Watch

32 Ways to Bait a Bear

YouTube Annotations

Open uri20140515 23770 12ktbi2 article
Search Engine Watch

How Much Is BP Spending On Google Search Ads?

BP spilling cash.

Open uri20140304 28024 nua2x0 article
Search Engine Watch

Towards a True Bounce Rate

The definition of 'Bounce rate' is the total number of single page visits divided by the total number of visits but analytics packages may calculate it slightly differently. However what has been uncovered by Covario and is currently in discussion with industry leaders is the addition and inclusion of a variable page load speed to more strongly differentiate bounce rate from, what are known in the industry as, 'short clicks'.

Open uri20140515 23770 utiztw article
Search Engine Watch

Winners of the #seofilms competition on

So many amazing entries. One amazing friend #jaamit.

Open uri20140304 9981 191i2cr article
Search Engine Watch

Welcome to the New Search Engine Watch

Welcome to the New Search Engine Watch

Open uri20140515 12528 1nuat4b article
Search Engine Watch

Tablet Device Usage Overtaking Print, Radio & TV [Infographic ...

Tablet Device Usage Overtaking Print, Radio & TV [I...

Open uri20140515 17443 1yxce7p article
Search Engine Watch

NHLPA Starts SEO From Scratch To Up Its Game on Google

Open case study on how to re-write page titles for SEO in collaboration with the NHLPA.

Open uri20140514 12528 1av20wx article
Search Engine Watch

25+ Easter Eggs Kids (& Adults) Can Discover On Wolfram|Alpha ...

25+ Easter Eggs Kids (& Adults) Can Discover On Wol...