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Jonathan Allen

Extraordinary Terrestrial.

President of Longneck & Thunderfoot, LLC. Former director of Gold AZBEE award winning, former Co-founder of Webby, MEGAS, RTS award winning & BAFTA nominee

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Search Engine Watch

7 Timeless Reasons Why & How Content Goes Viral | Search ...

There are a few common elements to content that goes viral.

Snake oil cropped 767x1024 article

Why #SEOscience Is Always a Massive Fail

Bloggers love to marvel at the wonders of #SEOscience because the guardians of the Google make us believe it’s the key to earning links.

Blab group video chat example article

Vertical Video Really Might Be More Engaging - State of Digital

“Vertical Video” or portrait format will become a mainstay video ad format by 2018. That's just one jarring prediction that gave me pause for thought.

Top10 2014 no7 contentmarketing article

What I Learned About Content Marketing in 2014

"Presenting the 10 most popular posts of 2014 on State of Digital. The top 10 is based on a combination of reading numbers, shares and comments. This is number 7, by Jonathan Allen."

Targeting search traffic with seo stod article

#SEOscience Snake Oil vs Solid #CreativeSEO

Bah Humbug to #SEOScience. It is no great mystery that these #CreativeSEO bets will pay off.

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Build Implicit Analytics into Site Architecture to Understand Users

Build Implicit Analytics into Site Architecture to ...

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Who Won the Paid Search World Cup?

If you were the PPC manager for William Hill who was managing their paid search campaign on the day of the 2014 World Cup final, Adthena’s competitive PPC data shows you made a very big bet on the search engines. And, according to the company, that bet paid off handsomely.

Ebay seo penalty 6m sov trend to july1 1024x417 article

Why Did Google’s SEO Penalty Cost eBay $200 Million?

It was recently estimated that the manual penalty against may have cost the company up to $200 million. We decided to look at how they might have arrived at that number.

Planet of the apps 03 copy 1 article

Create An App To Get In On The Exploding Global App Economy

It won't come as a surprise to hear that the world is becoming obsessed with apps. As worldwide smartphone ownership creeps up (the most recent data shows 22 percent of the population owns one), so is the downloading and usage of apps.

Resized brazil spending infographic 1 50 1 600x 515x %281%29 article

#WorldCup Not All Bad News for Brazil, Good News for Mobile App Economy

Over 600,000 tourists descended upon Brazil for the FIFA World Cup 2014 while many Brazilians had been protested the government’s spending program to host the tournament. At $11.2 billion (USD) 2014’s World Cup is the most expensive ever, but how do these costs compare to the rest of the Brazilian economy?

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Oops. Mexico Vs Cameroon #WorldCup #Google #Doodle has Ghana’s Flag

Google’s Doodle for the Mexico Vs Cameroon World Cup match unfortunately has the wrong flag! The two O’s in Google intend to portray Mexico (in a mexican wrestling mask) facing off against Cameroon sporting its national flag. Except the problem is the second O wears Ghana’s colors!

Big yellow duck china censorship tiananmen square article

How Chinese Activists Communicate Under 25 Years of Censorship Over Tiananmen Square

Even if you are too young to remember the incident at Tiananmen Square, you’ll probably recognize the iconic Tank Man photo. What you may not realize is that censorship of this issue in China has been so effective that some of the country’s younger citizens have no idea the massacre even took place.

Pecan dialect survey maps 17 article

British Vs. American English Pronunciation: Can Geographical Data Resolve a 200-Year-Old Debate?

Buying an ice cream in the American South was food for thought. Called out for “mispronunciation,” this Englishman turned to Harvard’s recent Dialect Survey for clues to an age-old dispute: who’s correct when it comes to pronouncing English nowadays, Americans or Brits? The most satisfying conclusion comes from an unlikely source.

Last week tonight with john oliver hbo gm ad youtube article

GM’s 69 Banned Words Fail at Damage Control but Teach Valuable English Lesson

In 2014 US car manufacturer General Motors (GM) had to recall over 13 million cars sold in the last 10 years as the machines were found to have defective break lights, ignition switches, and cruise controls. Recently leaked internal memos from 2008 prove GM knew about the defects, which caused anywhere from 13 to 60 deaths.

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Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Watch Redesign Breaks Records

The ultimate aim of the project was to create a more attractive and engaging website that showed off all the great content we have and make it easier to find.